Crystal Cat Litter

Crystal Cat Litter

No Clumping Cat Litter

The advantage of crystal cat litter is that its deodorization effect is stronger than others, the cat's poop is very smelly, and the crystal cat litter has strong deodorization power, moisture absorption speed, compared with other ordinary cat litter, the dust of crystal cat litter is smaller, more clean, many pet owners choose crystal cat litter.



Compared with other crystal cat litter will not be clumped, can be used repeatedly, do not have to shovel often, more suitable for business workers, the cat at home, the water absorption of this cat litter is also higher than the other two.

If you want a better cat litter experience, customers can try.


Features and Advantage

* Non-agglomeration

* Up to 120% water absorption

* 99% dust free

* Crystal transparency is 20% higher than the market


Crystal Cat Litter Crystal Cat Litter Crystal Cat Litter
Crystal Cat Litter Crystal Cat Litter Crystal Cat Litter

Production Process and Technology

In the production process of crystal cat litter, every link should be tested to ensure the stability of product quality. The main test items include water absorption, deodorization effect, adhesion, etc.

Crystal cat litter is a new type of environmental protection cat litter, with good water absorption performance, good deodorization effect and other advantages, its production process is simple, low cost, favored by cat owners. In the production process, the selection of high-quality raw materials, and in accordance with the strict production process, so that the quality of crystal cat litter is effectively guaranteed.


Specifications and Ingredients List

Material--Silica gel

Fragrance--Strawberry, lemon, apple, lavender, sea fresh, orange,etc.

Feature--Dust free, Highly Adsorbent, Long lasting,Superior odor control,Ultra hygienic etc.

Size--1-6MM 1-8MM or as customers' reques

Color--White + 3%color (blue,pink, yellow, green, purple, red, etc)

Inner Packing--3.8L,5L, 7.2L,8L,10L,15kg or 20kg compound bag or as requested


How to Use 

1. Pour 6-7cm of cat litter into a clean litter box. 
2. Use a cat litter shovel to scoop out solid waste and flush it down the toilet. 
3. After shoveling out any solid waste and clumps, add new litter and replace it 2-3 times a month 
4. When the cat litter in the box is not much, and there is an odor, please replace the fresh cat litter in time, or use essence to reduce its taste

Crystal Cat Litter Crystal Cat Litter Crystal Cat Litter
Crystal Cat Litter Crystal Cat Litter Crystal Cat Litter


Product Include

1. China Factory Supply Highly Absorbent Crystal Cat Litter

2. Natural Micro Crystal Cat Litter 3.8L Crystal Cat Litter

3. Wholesale Bulk Lightweight Silica Gel Cat Litter Sand

4. Custom Stocked Silica Gel Crystal Clean Cat Sand Highly Absorbent For Cat

5. Eco - Friendly Non Clumping 3.8L Silica Gel Sand

6. Wholesale 3.8L Durable Dust-Free Good Water Absorption Cat Litter

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