Wholesale Premium Clumping Ball Shape Bentonite Cat Litter

Wholesale Cat Litter Bulk

Made of natural raw materials, simple ingredients, fast agglomeration, the price is very affordable. Organic cat litter can be used by cats of all stages.


Types of Cat Litter Sand

Bentonit cat litter

Bentonite ball shape cat litter is the most common cat litter product, and the main raw material is bentonite

Characteristic: The appearance is ball shape, the color is gray, and the particle size is usually 1-4mm.

Advantage: It is cheap, cat applicability is strong, at the same time, the effect of agglomeration is good, the agglomeration is fast and does not break up. Adding color deodorization particles to cat litter can inhibitbacteria and make it more beautiful.


Tofu cat litter

The raw materials of tofu cat litter are pea residue, corn starch and guar gum. It is pure natural cat litter.

Characteristic: The appearance is cylindrical, and its particle diameters are 1.5mm(Level A/Level B/LevelC), 1.8mm(Level A/Level B).

Advantage: This cat litter is biodegradable and soluble in water. It is a high-end cat litter.


Crystal cat litter

Silica gel cat litter, also known as crystal cat litter, is mainly made of silica.

Characteristic: The appearance is translucent white, with particle sizes of 1-8mm(Level A and B), 1-4mm (Level A) and 0.5-2mm(Level A).

Advantage: Silica gel litter has strong water absorption and deodorization. Silica gel cat litter cannot agglomerate and will turn yellow after contacting with urine. It does not need to be eradicated in time. Use a cat litter shovel to mix the used part with the unused part. Its usage is very economical. It is a high-end cat litter.

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